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Geothermal Energy

Geothermal energy is one of the first two energy materials (the other is the coal) which addresses the Institute for almost 40 years.

Geothermal energy is however the only renewable energy source which is the subject of IGME research. Within almost 40 years IGME was involved in the research of geothermal energy and has identified all the geothermal fields and areas of both high and low temperature.

With very experienced and qualified personnel of all specialties available, investigations are carried out to identify the geothermal fields, study the characteristics of these areas as well as undertake pre-feasibility studies for the exploitation of geothermal fields.

The surveys and studies of geothermal energy used all the modern methods and techniques known, from remote sensing to the simulation of geothermal reservoirs and geographic information systems.

During the last five years particularly in the context of the Third Community Support Framework and following the great interest for geothermal energy worldwide, the IGME intensified its investigations and increased the number of known geothermal fields of especially low temperature throughout the country. Today about 40 confirmed and potential Fields are known (map) which have been designed and can be hired by any person or entity to be used in a variety of applications where geothermal energy can be applied.

The main activity areas of IGME in geothermal energy are:

a) research, recording and assessment of geothermal resources as well as research of modern volcanism in the country

b) integrated regime and exploitation studies of geothermal fields

c) hydrogeological research and studies of mineral, metallic, oligo-metallic and table water.

d) Construction and development of Geothermal Energy databases as well as of mineral, metallic, oligo-metallic, and table water.

Within the framework of EU implementation of the above objects, IGME has developed a range of skills in various disciplines and techniques such as the following:

a) capture and geological storage of carbon dioxide (CCS),

b) diagrammes (logging) of drills,

c) determination of radon and radium in the water,

d) tracing of groundwater and

e) various studies needed to support the installation of geothermal heat pumps.

IGME is the statutory adviser to the State on geothermal energy, mineral resources and bottled water of our country and is dedicated to their research and study on behalf of the Greek government.

IGME attemps their full knowledge in order to attribute them to exploitation by contributing to sustainable development.

The resources for the implementation of these activities derive from national programs, research projects of the European Union such as the various support framework and competitive programs for geothermal energy and carbon capture and geological storage of carbon dioxide.

Realizing his role as Adviser of State on geothermal energy, IGME is involved in committees and working groups for drafting laws, ministerial decrees, and is represented in the Commission to protect the mineral natural resources of the Hellenic Tourism Organization, as well as the Licensing Committee of bottled water in the Ministry of Health.


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